Parking to be easier to find, safer and more available

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is continuing to improve Brisbane’s parking availability and accessibility, with a new $3.4 million investment to implement key recommendations from the Parking Taskforce.

The Lord Mayor said his 2015-16 Budget was committed to implementing the 55 key recommendations made in the most comprehensive review of parking in Brisbane’s history last year, with a $2.2 million investment in new technology to make inner-city parking safer and easier to locate.

Cr Quirk said that following on from the Parking Taskforce’s review and to keep costs down for residents, he was continuing his freeze of the cost of on-street parking fees.

“Parking fees will not rise in this Budget, they will remain at the 2013-14 rate, which is one of the very practical ways that we are improving parking in Brisbane,” Cr Quirk said.

Cr Quirk said as part of his significant investment into cutting-edge parking technology, a new mobile parking app would be launched this financial year, providing a one-stop-shop for parking in Brisbane.

“This innovative and comprehensive app will allow motorists to top-up parking metres from their phones, book parking spaces in the King George Square and Wickham Terrace car parks, and search for available parking spaces,” Cr Quirk said.

“This is an innovation in parking technology and the first in Australia to combine both on-street and off-street parking. Using this app, motorists will only need to pay for the time that they use at the parking metre – not a minute more.”

“This app will be able to provide drivers with real-time availability of parking spaces in the inner city to inform their decisions about where to park and will minimise vehicles circling for unoccupied spaces.”

Cr Quirk said his 2015-16 Budget invested in the development and roll-out of a new digital management system for Brisbane’s Residential Parking Permits.

“Residential Parking Permit Zones are critical in areas with high volumes of traffic and limited parking availability, so that parking spaces are not taken up by commuters, students or commercial businesses,” he said.

“This online portal will eliminate the need for paper permits with a digital number plate recognition platform, as well as online payment options and immediate renewal of permits.”

Cr Quirk said the Budget included a $50,000 trial for new parking advisory signage, to improve understanding of permitted parking and reduce dangerous and illegal parking.

“A three month trial of new simplified parking information signs will start at locations in the inner city and in Ashgrove later this month, with the potential of a larger city-wide roll out if the trial is successful,” he said.

“These pictorial advisory signs will show what parking requirements are in clear and simple diagrams, helping drivers easily identify when they can parking at on-street parking spaces.

“Council will also be rolling out new high-visibility signage at loading zones, to help motorists locate drop-off or pick-up passenger zones in the city.

“New signage for sporting Traffic Management areas will also be trialled, with new highvisibility signs affixed to street name signs within management zones, designed to highlight changes to parking restrictions on event days.

“A pilot program will start later this year in both the Gabba Traffic Management Area and the

Lang Park Traffic Management Area, with more than 1250 signs installed.”

Cr Quirk said that Council would also be conducting a review of all inner-city kerbside allocation to maximise parking spaces.

“I’m committing $600,000 to complete a comprehensive audit of parking and other on-street spaces, as well as the development of a masterplan to optimise kerbside space,” he said.

“Kerbside space is a limited resource that is used by private vehicles, motorcycles, public transport, taxis and commercial vehicles. Never before has a holistic, city-wide review of kerbsides been completed.”

“We will optimise the number of vehicle parking spaces across the inner city and look to provide more parking spaces, where possible.”

Council has already implemented dozens of recommendations from the Parking Taskforce, including free 15 minute parking, high-visibility enforcement at schools, additional motorcycle parking and changes to disability passenger pick-up and drop-off zones.