Council saves backyard block in Mt Gravatt East

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has stepped in to protect two parcels of land in Carrara Street, Mt Gravatt East, announcing the block would be purchased through Council’s Bushland Acquisition Program.

Cr Quirk said the purchase of 68 Carrara Street and 8 Nurran Street would add to more than 400 hectares of native bushland that had already been purchased by Council over the past two years.

“In 2016 I announced that Council would fast-track 10 years of bushland purchase into four years, acquiring 750 hectares of environmentally significant natural areas as part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable,” Cr Quirk said.

“All of the land chosen for purchase contributes to the rich tapestry of Brisbane’s ecology, with acquired sites including koala movement corridors, locations with rare and endangered plants and animals or freshwater and wetland habitats.

“This 4,320 square-metre parcel of land sits right in the middle of a koala corridor that runs between Toohey Forest, Whites Hill Reserve and the Mt Gravatt Lookout and will prove invaluable to the local koala population that is known to move through this area.”

This parcel of land is not currently listed on State Government Koala mapping.

Local Councillor Krista Adams said she was disappointed the block had been privately cleared in the first place, however, Council’s decision to purchase and revegetate the land would provide safe passage for koalas and other native wildlife into the future.

“Areas of Toohey Forest, Whites Hill Reserve and Belmont Hills were all in private ownership until Council proactively purchased the sites, to prevent future development,” Cr Adams said.

“Council has a strong record when it comes to protecting our native wildlife, including a comprehensive koala detection program, 4,000 hectares of acquired bushland as well as a koala research centre to understand the genetic diseases these species face.

“High-visibility signs are being rolled out in this area, warning motorists of increased koala activity, and Council will install permanent koala zone signage along Pine Mountain Road early next year.

“While Council is committed to enhancing koala corridors, residents also play an important role in protecting our native wildlife by securing pets at night and staying alert when driving at dusk and dawn.”

Once purchased, Council will revegetate this land with a range of plants, including fast-growing Eucalypt.

For more information on Council’s Bushland Acquisition Program, call 3403 8888 or visit